STEEM -Sustainable Transitions of European Energy Markets (2013-2017)

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Project leader: Prof. Sanna Syri

To address the planned expansion of renewable energy production in the European Union and to seek optimal interaction between electricity and heating systems, the STEEM project will develop modelling for future European energy market and transmission network.

The ambition of the project is to provide better understanding for energy companies, regulators and policy makers of how the system can best be optimized for the utilization of rapidly increasing production of renewable energy. The project aims to provide quantitative results and identify an effective path towards a zero-emission energy supply by 2050.


People in the project

School of Engineering:

Sanna Syri (Professor, Energy economics)

Risto Lahdelma (Professor, Energy for Communities)

Behnam Zakeri (Doctoral candidate)

Elnaz Abdollahi (Doctoral candidate)

Samuli Rinne (Project researcher)

Mikko Wahlroos (Project researcher)


School of Science:

Ahti Salo (Professor, System Analysis)

Afzal Siddiqui (Visiting professor, UCL London)

Vilma Virasjoki (Doctoral candidate)

Tuomas Rintamäki (Research assistant)

Lauri Kauppinen (Research assistant)


School of Business:

Timo Kuosmanen (Professor, Quantitive Methods)

Andrew Johnson (Visiting professor , Texas A&M University)

Antti Saastamoinen (Doctoral candidate)


School of Electrical Engineering:

Matti Lehtonen (Professor, Power Systems)

Matti Koivisto (Post-doctoral researcher)


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