TrafficSense – Energy Efficient Traffic with Crowdsensing (2013–2017)



The goal of TrafficSense was to develop technologies to learn and predict the regular multimodal, door-to-door routes of users, and to make users more aware of the energy consumption of their traveling and to give them advice to reduce it. To make such a system usable, the learning, detection, and prediction of users' routes and travel modes should happen completely automatically based on the sensor information available in a smart phone.

The energy savings can result from shorter travel times, and increasing use of shared transportation (mass transport or ride sharing). In the longer run, more energy efficient transportation services and business models will be enabled. 

The focus in TrafficSense project was on research on technologies and concepts to enable the development of a mobile service that gathers information of user’s travel behavior and advises on better travel options. The research goals were to create understanding of the solutions needed for such services, the impact of the services on travel behavior and ultimately, on energy efficiency of traffic.



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